Comments and Users on Plants for Cats

A new version of Plants for Cats has been deployed, numbered 1.3.0. The main new features are :

  • Comments: to add a comment regarding a plant
  • Users: to create an account and use this account to comment on a plant


The comments concern the plants. Each plant has its dedicated page, and at the bottom can be found a space to write a comment. A comment can be about anything related to the plant. Either adding some information or sharing your experience are both welcome.

Screenshot of the comment section

The previous version already provided a comment space, however, that was only a space to send messages to the admin. Now, the comments are public and users can exchanges.

The next feature related to comments will be to respond to one directly, to create a thread. It should improve visibility and create a better space to exchange.


The user feature was already available but was targeting the admin only. The access to the user actions has been reworked and its stability improved so that it can be opened to everyone.

To sign up or log in, check the actions at the top of the drawer. At this same space, an authenticated user can access to its account to update its details and log out.

New user actions
Authenticated user actions

The actions are limited for now, but many more are in the backlog and should be deployed really soon. Keep posted!

GDPR and privacy

As a user, it is your right to request your account and data to be deleted. For now, please send us an email at and we will process the deletion in a few days. Soon, that action will be instantaneous and accessible through the application.

Additional changes

On top of the main two features, some smaller ones have been added. First, there is now a terms and conditions page. Please check it before using Plants for Cats.

The top bar has been reworked to be smaller, more compact. The “Contact” link has been replaced by a “More” button to activate the drawer. You can find there the “Contact” link and user actions. More features will pop up in that drawer soon too.

Screenshot of the new design of Plants for Cats

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