Discussions are now available on Plants for Cats

A new major feature was developed for Plants for Cats: a discussion space!

Screenshot of Discussions space on Plants for Cats

It is currently named Discussions, but you may be familiar with the terms “forum”, “conversations” or “threads”; that’s the idea. A common space where users can open a topic and others will respond, a discussion. Check it now on Plants for Cats.

A space for all

To access the discussions space, open the drawer and click on the link Discussions in the Resources section.

Screenshot of the drawer showing the link

Discussions feature is fairly free in its usage: It can be used to ask a question about your plant or your cat, or simple to share some information or your opinion. Even if it is not related to these main subjects but the topic will interest our community, feel welcome to write your message.

It’s worth noticing that all the discussions are public, both the title and all the responses. However, only a register user can exchange. Don’t forget you can create an account for free.


By default, all the messages will be displayed. In parallel, we will go through them one by one and delete them if we consider they are not appropriate. The rules are simple, don’t be aggressive or offending.

By the way, if you think a message is not appropriate, please contact us on Twitter or Facebook if you are into social media. Or check our Contact page to get more options.

Let us know what you think about it!

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