Plants for Cats on Android

Plants for Cats is available since months now, but through the website only. Starting from today, it is also available as an Android mobile application.

Check it now on Google Play

Don’t expect any change in the design as we wanted to provide the same experience. The interface is the same as if you were accessing it through a web browser on your phone. But it’s an application with all the advantages it enables.

Currently, it still needs an internet connection as no content is available offline. That will change in a near future, so stay tuned!

The statistics

We keep adding pictures to our plants every week. We took the habit to share on social media by the way. With more pictures, the website is more enjoyable, but also a plant is easier to recognize.

We recommend you to check these recent ones:

And to talk numbers, we currently have 518 plants under 1794 common names and nicknames.

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