Plants for Cats

Plants for Cats is a plant referential with one main goal: knowing if a plant is dangerous for a cat or not. With more than 500 plants and 1700 common names, we list as many plants as possible and mark them according to their toxicity, from Safe to Deadly. We also add a list of symptoms one could expect and some pictures to make it easier to recognize it.

You can either check the website at or bring it with you using the Android application.

Screenshot of the home page of Plants for Cats


Search a plant by name, using its scientific name, a common name, or even a nickname. Find your plant and check how dangerous it is for your cat and which symptoms to expect. You can also scroll the full lists filtered by the risk level.

In case of an emergency, a dedicated emergency page has been created to give some advice. It also provides some contact details to reach out to some help quickly.

Community platform

As it is a community platform, everyone is welcome to participate. Many ways are available:

  • comment on an existing plant: send a message using the comment section at the bottom of a plant page, to share information or opinion.
  • ask a question: Discussions, a forum-like space, has been developed so anyone can ask a question or share some information.
  • suggest new plants: use the button with the plus sign on the search page.
  • general contact: use the form on the contact page (that message stays private).
  • find us on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Check it now: